Dec 29, 2013

What I Wore: Visiting City of Pines

I was bouncing off the walls when i found out that we're going to Baguio mid December.. I dont know! im really into that place!!!!! My exclamation wont even justify my love for Baguio.. i find it very charming & welcoming - i remember my first visit to baguio it quickly became my favorite destination, - cooler climate, it has a relatively low cost of living, it has a totally different vibe.. its truly fascinating! , This is a kind of place i would settle in..And That's actually the reason why we went to Baguio.. but lets not get into details just yet ;) and let me just relive and show you what went on our trip through photos

At 2am in the morning we rode the bus to Baguio, we're fortunate to have a good weather during our trip, we slept the entire trip.and arrived on a freezing cold day.. 

Pullover from Bellevous | Infinity Scarf from RDR online shop | Leggings from thrift shop | Boots from Forever21

On our first day we stayed at Hotel 45, then we transferred the next day at City Light Hotel couldnt have asked for a better place to stay in Baguio, we were immediately greeted by staff, helped us with our luggage and get us into our room, Rooms were cozy and clean ;) there's wifi in the lobby , Great location - walking distance to SM Baguio, Church and Burnham Park :D

Lights display and dancing fountain at Burnham Park - t'was amazing here! 

The Hyper Husband - he kept on switching back and forth and adjusting the lights :)) Super kulit!

Ofcourse Baguio Trip wouldn't have been complete without our stop @ Pearl Korean Restaurant!

Pullover from Bellevous | Scarf from Apostrophe (given as a gift) Thank you kina! :D  | Leggings from Market | Boots from Forever21

with the hubby :)

at Cafe Will - the food's so darn good! its a little pricey but their serving was quite enough for 2,  the place was pretty nice and huge , i love the ambiance! 

 @City light Hotel -You should try their beef mami & Hot Choco! The best! 
We were planning to roam around before heading home but it was so cold outside and decided to kill time at the lobby. Our visit was a success! couldn't wait for the time when we finally move here.. gleefully spending time together at home, looking forward to doing absolutely nothing but enjoying their company, having a good time while enjoying our food :) we will be back here again soon hand-in-hand in a cold-chill down a street awash with spangling lights :)

 Happy New Year Everyone! sending you guys a bundle of holiday wishes! :*
Till my next post! :)


  1. Awww... i like your outfits. So cute. :) Great excuse to wear sweater and scarfs on your neck if you're in Baguio. I want to go back there again, I hope next time when I'm in Manila :)

  2. It looks like you ha an amazing time! We love all your outfits, especially the cute sweaters and scarves (particularly the purple scarf)!