Dec 29, 2013

What I Wore: Visiting City of Pines

I was bouncing off the walls when i found out that we're going to Baguio mid December.. I dont know! im really into that place!!!!! My exclamation wont even justify my love for Baguio.. i find it very charming & welcoming - i remember my first visit to baguio it quickly became my favorite destination, - cooler climate, it has a relatively low cost of living, it has a totally different vibe.. its truly fascinating! , This is a kind of place i would settle in..And That's actually the reason why we went to Baguio.. but lets not get into details just yet ;) and let me just relive and show you what went on our trip through photos

At 2am in the morning we rode the bus to Baguio, we're fortunate to have a good weather during our trip, we slept the entire trip.and arrived on a freezing cold day.. 

Pullover from Bellevous | Infinity Scarf from RDR online shop | Leggings from thrift shop | Boots from Forever21

On our first day we stayed at Hotel 45, then we transferred the next day at City Light Hotel couldnt have asked for a better place to stay in Baguio, we were immediately greeted by staff, helped us with our luggage and get us into our room, Rooms were cozy and clean ;) there's wifi in the lobby , Great location - walking distance to SM Baguio, Church and Burnham Park :D

Lights display and dancing fountain at Burnham Park - t'was amazing here! 

The Hyper Husband - he kept on switching back and forth and adjusting the lights :)) Super kulit!

Ofcourse Baguio Trip wouldn't have been complete without our stop @ Pearl Korean Restaurant!

Pullover from Bellevous | Scarf from Apostrophe (given as a gift) Thank you kina! :D  | Leggings from Market | Boots from Forever21

with the hubby :)

at Cafe Will - the food's so darn good! its a little pricey but their serving was quite enough for 2,  the place was pretty nice and huge , i love the ambiance! 

 @City light Hotel -You should try their beef mami & Hot Choco! The best! 
We were planning to roam around before heading home but it was so cold outside and decided to kill time at the lobby. Our visit was a success! couldn't wait for the time when we finally move here.. gleefully spending time together at home, looking forward to doing absolutely nothing but enjoying their company, having a good time while enjoying our food :) we will be back here again soon hand-in-hand in a cold-chill down a street awash with spangling lights :)

 Happy New Year Everyone! sending you guys a bundle of holiday wishes! :*
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Dec 22, 2013

What I Wore: Ayala Lights & Sound Show

What I Wore: Ayala Lights & Sounds Show

Necklace from aionlineshop | Top from Market Market | Pants from Jag | Flats from Solemate  (available at SM Department Stores)

My super hyper hubby

Hello Ladies! As mentioned on my previous post, we went to Ayala Triangle Lights & Sound Show with our loovees! If you've been reading my blog you probably know these awesome people i'm referring to! 

Fred and Rhai with their super adorable nephew Errol

While the lights and music being played, Everyone was in awe (especially the kids :)  i adore the anticipation on their faces! It was more than i expected it to be! It was utterly beautiful!

:D There's nothing more than spending quality time with people very dear to you.. Just gazing at those Incandescent lights above, sharing the good times and laughter till dusk. They're the people in life who appreciate having you in their life as much as you do, they're the people with great intentions and loving desires that you rarely meet and see just about everyday.
with the hubby <3
Tobi, Abe, Errol, and Rhai! :)

Thank you so much loves for taking us here! we had so much fun! We'll definitely make it an annual tradition to be here :D Lights and music are up every 30 minutes from 6-9pm Until the 5th of January! its a great place to bring the kids & adults alike. Its almost Christmas! truly the best and happiest time of the year! think of all the good things as well as blessings we received.. be thankful and grateful always:)  Many blessings to all!  I hope you guys are having a great weekend! <3 Happy Sunday everyone!

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Dec 8, 2013

What I realized after my Health Cube experience...

Health Cube Greenhills 
What I realized after my Health Cube experience...
"We believe that health care should be a pleasant experience for everyone. From the simple act of seeing your doctor, to getting a medical workup, or having your results explained to you.

Our goal is to make you feel like it’s done in the most convenient of manners.
 Experience convenience. Experience Health Cube."

I won't miss an ANTM episode. I won't miss anything new in fashion. What I missed (and which I hoped I didn't) was checking up on my health. As much as I track and enjoy beauty and fashion, my concern on my health was going down on the to do list unintentionally. I had to change that and you should too.

Few weeks ago, i was tagged along by a good friend of mine, Iya (Thank you so much sis!), to have an executive checkup at Health Cube, Greenhills.

I've never had an executive checkup my entire life; i just felt it was not for me. I don't like blood. I don't like waiting for the results not knowing what they'll be. In short, I wasn't up for the inconvenience that comes with a health check-up.

The Commute and Location
It was a short 10-15 minute ride from our home. Despite the awful smelling taxi that my hubby and I rode going to Greenhills, we got to the meeting place on-time (yes!) and had a couple of bites at McDo (near Promenade).

First impression
I was in Promenade surrounded by restaurants and malls. It can't be around here, right?  I was wrong. The first thing I remembered was I was in a mall and the next thing was I saw myself walking to Health Cube.

After a few seconds after I stepped in, I knew where we had to ask and right then we were assisted. I only thought to myself: "If I only had remembered clinics to do this, I might not have waited for years to get my check-up again."

What we did
The Health Cube Marketing Mrs. Marites Mendoza had walked us to different rooms and introduced us to  a couple of doctors before we started with our check-up.

CBC, Urinalysis, ECG, PFT and chest x-ray all together took less than an hour. The stress test, needing to run a virtual number of meters, had kept me running for 10 minutes and 46 seconds -- I didn't know I can run that long at all. The nurses who attended to me were so awesome we've got consistently effective, friendly, cheerful, and very professional service!

Health Cube specializes on multiple areas. Here's their list of services

The results
The first clinic I ever heard to automatically email me results of my exam after 24 hours of taking them. Talk about Clinics 2.0 taking advantage of technology. I won't go through my results but I am glad I did and that I had to head back to Health Cube a second time trusting them of my (health) improvement.

Final words
All i can say is clinic visits never been this pleasant, convenient and smart. I can only call the team of Health Cube friends and never staff. Talk about client experience -- they did it exceptionally well. Congratulations Health Cube! 
with sis Iya
 Everything was a pleasant experience! Thank you so much HealthCube! Till our next visit :)

Address: Basement One, New Promenade Building, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1500

For more information visit their website:

Facebook :
Contact Information : (02) 650-1111 ( trunkline )

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Top from temptation_alert | High waist jeggings from Chumisetta |
Casio watch - gift from my brother | Flats from Solemates (available at SM Department Stores) |
Bag from Legallybags

My photog LOL (hubby) (he really insisted this shot be taken :))

 Lovin' my 'Like a Boss' crop top from temptation_alert! Thank you so much for sending some of your items!  Totally love the quality of their apparel! These photos were actually from yesterday, we're supposed to meet up a  dear friend of mine.but it got cancelled so hubby and i decided to go to the grocery and headed to Podium to have dinner at Madeca :) Exhausted but happy :) 

I gotta go and finish chores :)) We're going to Ayala Triangle Christmas Light Show with our lovessssss later tonight! Yay! :D Happy Sunday everyone! Good day to relax, bond and give thanks!

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Dec 5, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Nyx Born to glow in Sunbleam

PRODUCT REVIEW: Nyx Born to glow in Sunbleam

Went to Sm Aura Premiere couple of months ago, i love walking around that place, I was in awe of how beautiful everything in this place looked! im feeling Christmas-y! joyful songs were playing, and those resplendent lights outside... They're so uplifting and get you in that feel-good-Christmas-mood!! Malling wont be complete without taking a stroll through The SM Store’s Beauty Section! Went straight ahead to Nyx Counter since i haven't tried any products from this brand! (I know!! you're like "whhhaaat?") lol 

If you've been reading my blog, you probably know that i am not too fond of shimmers in general, i just dont feel like i could pull it off ,i don't know! It looks weird on me hehe I only use highlighters during events or when i feel like using one. 

NYX Born to Glow Illuminator comes in Sunbeam, a gorgeous pale pink pearl and Gleam is a golden peach pearl.


  • You can mix it with your favorite concealer, or foundation if you wish, it gives you beautiful healthy glow
  • You don't need much of this product, a little goes a long way to achieve that dewy look. 
  • Buildable for more dramatic shimmer, 
  • It works really well with fingers or brush application.
  • The consistency of this product is between liquid and cream to me.

  • It comes in a squeeze tube which i prefer (coz its more sanitary), and its easier to get the amount of product you need.

Before blending

When blended 
  • It doesn't clog pores and wont make you break out.
  • Its very lightweight on skin
  • This product stays put for hours, which i love.
  • It doesn't have an overpowering scent and really does the job well.


  • I found that this product has visible glitter. It actually depends on how much you use, the more you build more glitter shows up, and its really obvious especially during the day

 If glitter is not an issue then you will probably like this product very much, Overall, id give this 3/5 I will consider using it once in a while. 

Have you tried this product already? Let me know your opinion! ;) 

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